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, as i will here, that many americans are benefiting from obama care at the cost of trillions of dollars over a 10-year period, i certainly hope so. but divisions over whether or not taxpayer money taken and pushed back out to needy, who are trying to afford health care, is not the subject today. unfortunately during the first two years of the obama care law under speaker pelosi, there was no effective oversight. oversight was shut down during the first two years of the obama administration and the minority pointing out anything was ignored. you said my chairman we have tried to correct that. we have been disappointed by continued obstruction by the minority on this committee defending administration when it failed to deliver relevant documents and object to -- they find themselves objecting to hearings, witness request and constantly engaged in petty downplaying of what, in fact, are serious problems. the minority today will undoubtedly point out this must be political, that we're not here because only 1100 people at a time could get onto a website before it crashed effectively, when 25
happening again? >> obama care is here now. so you know the reason this happened from our perspective was -- now people understand why we fight obama care so much i guess. you have to understand the mindset of a house republican going into this. we were doing all of these oversight hearings, getting all of this testimony, seeing that this program was not ready for prime time and seeing the damage that was going to come to the people we represent and we wanted to do everything we could to stop it. many of us didn't think that was the right way to stop it. it's very clear that a government shutdown does not stop obama care because the government did shut down and didn't stop obama care. don't think that will be repeated. that's in the past. it's very clear that won't stop obama care. the things that we feared would happen are now happening and we fear the worst is yet to come with respect to obama care. that will not get in the way of a government shutdown. we will keep the government funded at current levels if need be at the end of the day and not have a government shutdown. >> that w
referred to as obama care. the act gave this administration more than three years to implement, gave them virtually unlimited money, ensured them for all practical purposes they need not come back to congress ever again because it created an entitlement. one that raised its own money, spent its own money, created its own rules. the 2400 pages that were passed into law and read afterwards now represent tens of thousands of pages of regulations created by this administration based on how this administration wanted a law interpreted, meaning that legislation created three and a half years ago was still being written in late september. the cornerstone of the president's signature achievement included a website, this site and parallel sites created by some states, were supposed to make it easy to have an online marketplace. it was, in fact, an attempt to depp indicate what hundreds, perhaps thousands, of insurance companies large and small around america do well every day. on october 1st, president obama said, using it would be as easy as buying an airline ticket on o
believes president obama's option is the best for the economy. here's a look. >> so what are we going to do on the day that congress has successfully kicked the can down the road a few months. are you saying we're not going to have another experience like we had in october? >> i think if you look at the things republican leaders have said since october, it was clear this was not a good experience, either for the country or for them politically. i know the right answer. the right answer is they should extend the debt limit and have no sense of crisis at all. i hope that will happen. they said september 7 is the date the debt limit expires. we do have extraordinary measures about a month after that. they have some time. i hope when they resolve the budget when they start moving forward, they just do the debt limit in a businesslike way and kind of give some certainty to the u.s. and global economy. that would be the right thing to do. >> everybody is looking for some kind of longer term kind of sustainable budget arrangement. we'll hear from paul ryan later this afternoon. what in your view w
secretary hank paul son and former obama administration senior adviser david axelrod took part in this event hosted by the university of chicago paulson institute. it's just under an hour. ♪ >> so i have been keeping a list of my top favorite lines from today's talk. i'm sure you all have your own but here's my best attempt at david letterman. number three, if we wanted tarp to be popular, we shouldn't have made it a four-letter word. number two goes to barney frank. things would have been a lot worse without me. and number one has to go to larry summers. anyone who speaks with complete confidence about things is a complete fool. so there have been no shortage of people speaking their minds today. hank, i wanted to start with you. what did you hear that made your blood boil? or what would you like to add to? >> right. because you know, my blood doesn't boil. that happened, you know, three or four years ago and five years ago. but the one thing i'd like to add to were a couple comments made about capital that were related. larry summers saying it was obvious the banks were undercapitalized,
2010, had complete alternative patient-center reforms that we offered when obama care was being deliberated, so before, during, and after obama care, was deliberated and passed, we put out very comprehensive patient-centered market-based plans and i do envision us doing so again. to your other part of your question is, i believe that we can come up with a system that has guaranteed access for affordable health insurance for all americans, regardless of whether a person has preexisting conditions or not, without this costly government takeover, without this big brother database, without government running health care, without government mandating what you can and cannot do. the problem that the president has is he jammed this through one party rule, there are a plenty of republicans, myself included, who were offering to work with him at the time for bipartisan solutions, they said none of that, and now we have what we have. so, can we have a system where people with preexisting conditions have protections? yes. can we have a system where we equalize tax benefits, where people wh
. >> thank you for yieldingment it it's kind of interesting to see as obama care imploeds how everybody is running for cover. yesterday, we showed the former president throw under the bus. today, we heard the other side, mr. cummings, our democrat leader, start out by citing that the problem with this is that a lot of them opted for an exchange. mr. chao are these governors, aren't they all democrat governors? and they opted out of the exchange? are you aware of that? i have a question for all of you. do you -- each of you, i want to ask you this question. it's obvious obama care was not ready for prime time. also, from a security standpoint. were you aware of that, mr. powder, before october first? >> go did issue a report in june that there was a lot to do with a compressed schedule, krkt. were you aware of it. >>ives aware that there was security testing. >> you were aware that there were problems. >> okay. i said from an operational. >> i'm just trying to answer your question. >> well, operational and security. mr. batheman? >> i was aware of various modules that were to be part of
, there were different kinds of meetings, and i attended -- >> were they about obama care, mr. park? >> they were about the affordable care act. >> what's your official title? head of information technology for the entire united states? i assume it was about information technology, correct? >> no, actually, first of all, i'm a technology and innovation policy adviser in the office of science and technology policy, just to clarify. >> okay. >> and i can't actually recall, like for the meetings, like what particular topics were discussed off the top of my head. unless there's more specificity. >> at any time in these nine different meetings that you had, or more for that matter, meetings that you had, was the rollout of obama care discussed and the concerns about this thing not being ready on october 1st? >> again, without more specificity -- >> mr. chao, who ran the meeting the 10 to 29 times you were at the white house, who was in charge of running those meetings? were they run by mr. lambeau or miss deparl? >> i don't remember. >> in those meetings that you were at the white house,
with the president on how to fix obama care. >> we have carl rove coming in on the reform, and i think i told you that he reall lam lambasted the republican party on where they were going with things like immigration. they even said we're getting ourselves into a smaller and smaller corner and getting boxed in. i had the privilege of inviting you over to the atlantic recently, and you sat in the same room on chairs with rahm emanuel talking about two very different parties. i'm interested in the out reach that people like you in the classic gop are doing on things like immigration. and we ju've just got a couple minutes, but i'm interested in how you basically preserve the important and good parts of the gop and not get washed down into the gutter with some of the stuff we've been seeing lately. >> sure. look, the winning message for the modern republican party is we're not going to raise your taxes, we're going to reform government so it works. we're going to keep canadians on their side of the border but we're not going to micromanage companies we can't pronounce. that's reagan republicanism, a
are in cyber. she worked for both the bush administration and obama administration. one of the co-authors of the cyber security initiative which many are familiar with. her sort of plea, one of the things she talked about, she's been at this since 2008 like many of us and kind of taken aback by the lack of an international strategy that the united states seems to be pursuing. i think it's intriguing to hear what you have to say, what you think as a group because you raised the itu issue and the quiet negotiations that jim has been involved with. but what do you as a group see what the best model will be for international set of standards or norms at conventions that we are should be heading towards because if you're a fortune 25, you're acting all over the world and enter a whole range of information sharing. not just the united states. i would curious to hear what the brain power thinks. i do hope you'll look at the cyber playbook many issues you raise here are sort of discussed in that for the community. thanks. >> i'm ultimately very positive about this. remember that keith ale
for the roughly first two years. his expertise does come out of the origins of obama care. >> my question, mr. chairman, was simply if he's good enough to be rolled in to fix it after the locomotive crashed off the mountainside. where in the hell was he for the first 184 weeks when fs being broken? why wait until its crashed? if he's a savant, where has he been? the obama girls miss him -- i think they found her. the lady from the website. but where's he been? >> the gentleman's time expired. we now go to the gentleman from texas. would the gentleman yield for ten seconds? >> certainly. >> i want to make a statement and you're right on they should have had the a team on this and some of the people there clearly there for the train wreck. i want to know mr. park's possessive, duties did not include overseeing this website. and i do appreciate the fact that it appears as though in 60 days they are going to make right what wasn't ready on october 1st. and i think that's what the gentleman wants to be able to explain back home. we've been told that november 30th this will work reasonably well, in
, the high cost of obama care, close quote, ought to avoid consumer overload sticker shock, close quote. that is not why you made the decision to close the program of anonymous shopper? >> just as i answered before. absolutely not. >> i yield to my colleagues. >> i want to address this to chairman issa. when speaking to mr. connelly earlier, you referred to a letter sent to you on november 6th. it's not a letter i sent jointly with mr. connelly. he did not read that letter. that letter was about security testing documents provided to the committee. miter told us like any website security documents they are sensitive and their release potentially could give hackers hints on how to break into the system. i asked you to treat those documents with sensitivity and consult with me before making them public. try to use my letter to argue that the system -- but that is not what i said. every security testing document or every it system, no matter how secure the system is is sensitive. every security testing document that ill meaning individuals help in causing mischief. they do not mean there a
obama and secretary of state kerry have called the philippine counterparts to offer condolences and assistance and stress our commitment to helping the philippines respond to and recover from this disaster. at the state department, we set up a crisis response task force to monitor developments and try to identify obstacles to effect relief supply and make sure we were well coordinated, as well as deal with calls, a lot of calls from concerned american citizens. our embassy in manila continues to play a very crucial role. it's kind of serving as a platform for coordination, where all the agencies are working through that to coordinate with philippine authorities and private organizations, as well. the state department and the embassy have a special responsibility for helping american citizens caught up in the disaster. there are now five confirmed american deaths caused by the typhoon. the state department and the embassy have been working pretty much around the clock to assist the families of those victims, but also have received nearly 1,000 requests for information from u.s. c
the rightful place in the community of nations. and that is why president obama and president karzai signed a have a tee strategic partnership agreement last year that lays out our mutual commitments. that's why america's relationship with afghans is changing. it's not ending. there is stop to go. and obviously the road ahead is not easy. the violence that has plagued afghanistan for decades has left very deep wounds. and it is going to take time to heal. we himself know securialso know real challenge. afghans have to strengthen the rule of law, improve access to justice. we also know that discrimination and violence against women continue to be major problems. but i know every one of these women and women this afghanistan today will remain determined and we have an obligation to remain determined and stand by them. we intend to make clear that securing the rights of afghan women and girls is not just a challenge for this moment, it's a generation al challenge. we've made a significant down payment, but finishing the job will take courage and not just the courage of women in afghanistan. as
rather insulted by this republican playbook that talks about obama care, the loss of insurance and what this means. this is not working -- >> the gentleman will suspend. the gentleman from oklahoma is is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> gentlemen, thank you. this is probably not a fun day for you. didn't get up and go, gosh, i can't wait for this day. i get that and i want to say thank you because all of you could make a lot more money in the private sector. you've chosen to serve people. i just want to say thank you to you as well for what you're doing because you have made a conscious choice. let me walk through a couple of things just to be able to get some of the reality on it. about an hour and a half ago, i went on my ipad and went to and hit this button that says create account and it doesn't go anywhere. it just changes colors and doesn't go anywhere. for about an hour and a half, i've occasionally hit that button. this is the frustration and the struggle and that y'all have the frustration with, we get that. we have the questions as we walk through this
's in town this week to receive the presidential medal of freedom from president obama. [ applause ] ms. steinem worked as a journalist in the 1960s after living here in washington during high school and heading to smith college from after college she spent two years in india where she wrote for indian publications and was influenced by gandhi and activism. in 1968, she was a columnist and wrote feature articles. as a young journalist she wrote for "esquire" and once hired on as a stunt for a "playboy" bunny and helped fund the national women's caucus and most recently the women's media center. [ applause ] along the way, ms. steinem has been criticized as a threat to male privilege and knocked by fellow feminists when she wrote a self-help book and by some when she got married. today she's a documentary producer and author as well as a regular on the speaking circuit and says the fight for equal rights for women is hardly won not only here in the u.s. but especially in developing countries. today she'll talk to us about big things left undone in a speech titled "still to come the unfin
around him during the bush administration and during the obama administration, had difficult jobs to do, just think how much more difficult it will be today, when chris dodd said, you know, congress wouldn't pass tarp today. twice we went and asked for limited authorities, and twice got them. you wouldn't be able to get those today. >> yeah, i admired senator gregg's optimism, but i can't share it. i don't believe you would have the same -- first of all, a number of people who took the lead on that legislation lost their seats because of it. secondly, the republican party, i think you saw the leading edge of it in the roosevelt room when you had that discussion, when everyone was -- >> i saw the heart of it -- >> yeah, but it's expanded now. 2010 expanded. rahm was wrong. some of the steps we had to take to right the economy did help fuel the tea party rebellion, and now that's become a major motif in the republican party. let me say one thing, i don't know where these questions will lead, wherever they did lead, i was going to interject this anyway. let me get this out of the way now.
the u.s. commitment to build the epa site in 2013 is iron clad. does that mean that the obama speech in prague 2009 in which he said it was an agreement with iran over its nuclear weapons program, if that were to be achieved robustly, that will would be a rethinking of epaa? not totally locked in and no longer valid? >> we made a substantial commitment to epa to homeland missile defense and to the nuclear deterrent. so when the department went through its strategic choices management review, those were among the three, plus cyber and space capabilities that were going to be highlighted and protected and preserved. part and parcel of that and as we've gone through the various budget deliberations, it becomes really hard to protect those things you want to protect. epa is clearly one of those things we want to protect. we've done so far a pretty good job of protecting phases 2 and phase 1 and 2 and 3. we canceled phase 4. but that's where there is a connection between your question and iran. so we saw a more rapidly emerging north korean threat. and moved some resources and some assets
this is a very real worry. i think we have to work with our own government, both the obama administration and secretary kerry and the other leaders of the administration as well as members of congress to keep this issue on the forefront and then to coordinate, as we withdraw with our coalition partners as well. i think, too, as milan has pioneered in this work of peace and security, we have to continue to make the case to the leadership of afghanistan that all of the sacrifice and the decades of war and conflict that have ravaged their country could be for naught if we don't have a unified consensus about what must happen going forward. security is key. so are the elections that we just heard reference to. those elections will determine whether there can be a peaceful transition of power that is validated in a fair and transparent manner by the people of afghanistan. so when we look at secretary kerry's formulation the security, the political and economic transitional challenges facing us, we need to be committed on all three front in support of those women and men who realize that afghan
, they can't do that. on the other hand, we also know that president obama's numbers are right down there where george w. bush's were at this point. and there is a lot of fatigue outrs will be open to the possibility of a third democratic term. to me i think these are the dynamics that will drive 2014 and 2016. >> count me skeptical on rapped paul and join me in thanking them. >>> live kufshcoverage continueh the senate banking subcommittee. the heari ining starts live at p.m. eastern. alsole remarks from ben berna e bernanke. you can see it live 7:00. eastern. earlier today, there was a hearing on the health care weap website and security concerns. here is more now. >> i want to talk to you about the topic of this hearing now for a few minutes and that is the issue of security. and i think i heard you say both in your opening and response to questioning by the chairman, i just wanted to ask again, have there been vulnerabilities that have been discovered since the website unveiled on october 1st? >> security vulnerabilities? >> yes. >> have not necessarily been reported in terms o
to build the epa site in 2018 is ironclad. does that mean that the obama speech, provision of obama speech in prague 2009, when she was it was an agreement with iran over its nuclear weapons program, if that were to be achieved robustly, that there would be a rethinking of epa? >> so, we've made a substantial commitment to to epa missile defense and to the strategic deterrent, so when the department went through its strategic choices management review, those were among the three, plus cyber and space capabilities that were going to be highlighted and protected and preserved. part and parcel of that, as we've gone through the various budget deliberations, becomes really hard, even to protect those things that you want to protect and epaa is clearly one of those things that we want to protect and so we've done so far, a pretty good job of protecting phases two. phase one, phase two and phase three. obviously, we canceled phase four, but that's really where there is a connection between your connection and iran. so we saw a more rapidly emerging north korean threat and moved some resources an
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)